The Essential Accessories for You Treo

If you have just purchased your very first Treo Smartphone, congratulations! The mobile device should provide you with an amazing mobile experience and a different level of productivity. Now here are the essential accessories to complete your Treo experience.

Spare Battery: A spare battery is essential if you plan to use a lot of applications on your Treo and also if you travel a lot. A spare battery should be able to give you more computing time with your Treo. There are extended-use batteries available online that will give you power longer. You can also get regular Treo batteries from Palm retailers. You can also consider getting a Hot Sync Cradle so you can charge the empty battery while using the other one.

SD Card: SD Cards are essential if you are to use your Treo as a productivity tool. A regular 512MB memory should not cost you more than $50. If you like to upload various media content to your Smartphone then you must get an SD card with higher capacity like 1GB. There are SD cards that come in higher capacity, just choose one that will match your needs.

A protective case: If you want your Treo to last, you must get it a protective case so you can carry it around without causing any scratches and other damages. There are plenty of choices so make sure you get one that will match how you intend to carry your Treo around. There are wallets, belt-cases, hardened cases and others.

Bluetooth headset: A headset will help you work on your Treo while talking to someone on the phone and will also let you answer calls when you are occupied with other things. A Blue tooth headset is one of the most practical things you can buy for your Treo and it should be part of your accessories list.

A USB Card Reader: A card reader will help you transfer files from your PC to your Treo. This will be very handy for those who are always on the go and who need to be able to work with their laptops/PC and their Smartphones seamlessly.

Computer Accessories – How to Equip Your Computer With the Right Accessories For You

Okay! Agreed this may sound funny. But the truth is that accessorizing is not just for what you wear – it is also equally important for what you work with – your computer or laptop. What you get when you buy a packed computer straight from the shop to your home or office is never enough. Also accessorizing does not mean buying headphones or getting a jazzy cover for your laptop.

Accessorizing can include any of the following:

o Operating System of your requirement (Windows/Macintosh)
o Compatible multimedia software
o Compatible office software
o Compatible hardware
o Webcam
o Connectivity options (Bluetooth, Infrared, etc.)
o Wireless keyboard or Mouse
o Monitor Protection
o External Speakers
o Extra Hard Disc
o Extra RAM Memory
o DVD player
o CD burner
o A printer and a scanner

Note that most of the above will not come with the PC or the laptop that you may buy off the shelf. So what will you get from the PCs that come in a box?

o CPU- central processing unit
o Fixed memory and hard disc space
o Monitor
o Keyboard
o Mouse
o An operating system that the manufacturer provides, which may not be compatible with the software that you have or may not fulfill you technical requirements.

So if you want to edit photographs in your PC, do some music mixing, video chat with your friends or even watch a DVD on your PC, chances are you will need to accessorize. How do you know what do you need?

Are you a business professional?
Consider getting back up options like extra hard drives, CD burner, etc. Don’t want to loose your valuable presentation now…do you? Also accessore your laptop/PC with a portable projection screen weighing less than 5lbs. and remote control projection device like pointers.

Are you a musician?

Are you a DJ or a musician? Do you need to record your beats often or mix music? An external hard drive with minimum 7200rpm to play audio tracks at high frequency and external USB ports to assist lots of plug-ins will come handy. Also to edit your recorded music ask for Software like Edit Pro or Audacity.

Are you a serious gamer?

A Joystick, extra keyboard and USB docks are must if gaming revs you up on the computer.

Are you into multimedia development?

Are you a graphic designer or a multimedia developer? Are you into character animation? Then you must have a pensketch and graphic drawing tablet for all your sketches. Using a mouse to sketch for longer periods is not good for your hand and posture.

Most importantly one should accessorize their computers when they buy one. You should not wait. Chances are technologies will be outdated and it will be difficult to get compatible hardware/software.

So next time that you are in the market for a computer, have a word with you computer sales assistant, discuss the features you will get with your PC and also the accessories that you may need before just buying the box and coming back home.

Baby Strollers: Accessories For You And Your Little One

Strollers are a great partner any time you are grocery shopping, running, or just generally when going outdoors with your infant. But unfortunately, it is sometimes tricky to organize everything when you have loads of bags, or perhaps if the infant chooses to take baby toys with him or her.

Most prams are rather basic. To help make strolling with your baby a great time, you’ll want to personalize! Listed below are a number of accessories which tend to be very handy for you as well as your toddler. A few of the more high quality prams already have some of these features.

Hangers – Having a lot of small plastic bags in your hands when driving a pram can be a difficult thing to do. Assuming that your bags are lightweight, hanging each of them to hooks attached to the handle bars of the stroller can make strolling much more comfortable. Baby stroller-hooks are usually of the common J-shaped type or the D shaped type. Any of these hooks cost you not more than $10 dollars.

Coffee Holder – These items are specifically helpful for joggers since virtually all take a sip of refreshing water or perhaps sport-drinks while they run. Keeping a bottle while moving a stroller is really the same as asking for an accident to take place (mainly to ones beverage). A coffee-holder will definitely make certain ones drink is secured and easily within reach. Such a device costs from five bucks to around twenty bucks.

A Plastic tray – This is a coffee-holder and a lot more. It can accommodate purses, cellphones, and other small things that ought to be within reach. A tray is from twenty bucks to around $30.

Toy and pacifier straps – Keeping baby’s toys and their pacifiers clean and securely stored is so a lot easier when they are connected to the pram. In addition, bands moreover make these things reachable for the little one. Such straps are available for about $5.

Baby stroller Connectors – Do you have 2 standalone buggies to push? Your problem will easily be solved with this equipment! All you have to do is utilize a stroller-connector and voila! You’ve got an on the spot twin pram. Baby stroller connectors go for around $10-$15.

Protective Tools
Rain covers – Big umbrellas will keep parents dry when it rains, but they aren’t recommendable in relation to our toddlers inside their baby strollers. Keep them out of rain by way of putting a protective plastic cover above the baby-pram. Bad weather covers are made of transparent plastic which allows the little ones to look outside without getting wet. These covers cost around $10-$70.

Mosquito nets – Keep your baby completely free of bug-bites by adding a net over him/her. Nets keep away bugs without blocking any air flow to the baby. Nets are listed from $5 bucks to $40.

Ultra-violet covers – Keep your youngster from being sun-burned without putting sunscreen on their gentle body. The Sun-cover is the easiest answer to the problem. UV-covers will cost you ten dollars to $60.

There’s a lot of more baby stroller ‘essential’ accessories available in the market these days which keep your baby comfortable and safe. All you’ve got to do is shop around for the most practical accessories to help make “strolling” a playful experience for yourself and also your little one.